Welcome to Kiwi Croquet!

NEWS: 10 April 2010.

Version 3.0.0 is available as a warts-and-all version.  Please report any problems!  I am still working on some problems and also improving the computer player logic (it needs it!). Also the computer player personality traits are not fully implemented yet. So check back here in a few months for a new version. Serious bug fixes may happen sooner.

NEWS: 12 April 2010. Version 3.0.1 fixes problems if you install KC3 somewhere other than the default C:\KC3 directory.

NEWS: 18 April 2010. Version 3.0.2 fixes a few minor bugs.

NEWS: 20 September 2011. Version 3.0.3 fixes some minor things (see the revised ReadMe and Instructions).

I am now freezing development of KC3 and starting to work on a major revison. This involves going to a different programming language. The next version (KC4) will be usable on all operating systems (Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac).


What is Kiwi Croquet?

Kiwi Croquet is a computer simulation of the game of croquet for Windows PC's. It is free! This is version 3. There are LOTS of changes from version 2 so please read the documentation!

See the links below to get KC3_ReadMe for installation details; KC3_Instructions explains how to play; KC3_Setup is the file that installs KC3. 

What are the computer requirements? Almost any modern PC will do!

How do I get it?

Download the file "KC3_Setup.exe" using the link below. When you "run" this it will create the directory C:\KC3. In that will be placed KC3.exe (the program) plus some additional music files and systems libraries.

Please send me a message by email  ( r.robinson@gns.cri.nz) if you download KC3 so I can judge the amount of interest and inform you of new versions. New versions will be posted here. You can access this web page from within KC3, on the main "What Top Do" screen.

Please send information about any bugs you encounter! Also, any other suggestions.

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